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Is wax really just wax? Not for Caronlab! The brand was created in 1979 in Australia by Liliane Caron, an esthetician who grew frustrated with the expensive, inferior, difficult to use waxes on the market and was searching for alternatives. Unable to find what she was looking for, she decided to create it with the help of other estheticians. Since then, Caronlab has become the #1 wax for estheticians “Down under” and has developed one of the best professional waxes in the world, Brilliance being the one everyone is talking about. Caronlab offers a comprehensive range of products: ● Different waxes depending on skin types and services: Brilliance, Browvado, VivaAzure, Pure Olive Oil, Strawberry and Braziliant. ● Pre and post products ● Wax heaters ● All accessories needed to perform the best waxing possible These products are only for professional nail technicians. Submit your certificate as proof to purchase.
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